Twain Harte Lake is a private recreational lake with 810 members. The lake is managed by staff with the support of a Board of Directors that sets policies and rules that govern lake operations.

Lake Membership is attached to property ownership.

The quickest way to become a member is to buy a property that has “active lake membership”. This means that the property owner holds a lake membership that can be transferred with the sale of the house. The cost of transferring Lake Membership as part of a home sale is $7,500, (effective February 1st, 2023), due upon sale to the Twain Harte Lake Association. This amount can be paid by the buyer or the seller but it must be paid at the time of the transaction and the Lake Office notified of the new Owner/Lake Member.

If you own or purchase a piece of property in Twain Harte that does not have “active lake membership” but meets the qualifications outlined in the bylaws and you would like to become a member, you may place your property on the waiting list. Members are taken (in order) off the waiting list when a membership becomes available. This can happen when an owner forfeits their membership or when the buyer of a property with “active lake membership” chooses to buy the house but not keep the membership. In this case, the membership is returned to the Lake Association and given to the first person on the waiting list. It costs $50 per year to be on the waiting list. The amount paid in waiting list fees will be deducted from the transfer fee when the membership becomes available. One recent new member was on the waiting list for 15 years.

If a property is listed as “eligible for Lake Membership” it generally means that the property is eligible for the Waiting List. If you have a question, call the Lake Office at 209-586-4449.